'Design Studio'


Throughout the third term, we had a series of design Studio classes in which we talked about the progress made with our projects. It was closely realted to Design Dialogues as we had the chance to listen and conversate with various guests lik, Ron Wakkary and Laura Cléries, to then implement some of the things learned with them inside our projects.

Each of them shared a bit of their work and gave us some comments and methodologies they use in their projects that can help us communicate our ideas better.

The assignments during this period helped us visualize the changes made due to the pandemic as well as write down the future communication plan of the projects.

My new me
A reflection on how my life has changed because of the pandemic. Apart from school work, the daily activities became a routine during the first 60 days. At the beginning I found it helpful to have a schedule but after two or three weeks it became difficult to follow and although I kept doing it, it felt like it nothing changed and time paused.

Mapping my domestic experimental laboratory
Analysis of the tools I had at home that would help me finish the project.

Experimenting with my project in emergent contexts
Until here, I've been documenting my experience with the project with videos but Laura Forlano recommended me another option. Writing in a notebook the problems and solutions encountered, as well as the opinions made by friends who interacted with the project.

Collaborating with others for my project in new spaces
Despite having a plan, I wasn't able to follow it. I encountered a lot of setbacks that prevented me from following it. Mostly things like coding and the device malfunctioning. In the end, some of my friends tried the project - you can find more information regarding their experience in the Master's project page.

Creating your own biography and constituency
With Ron Wakkary's help, each of us developed a quick biography that included a brief intro of us, the current state of our project, and how we imagine it to be in the future. I pointed out some of the things that have marked me along the way. The interests that persist until today, and found fascinating when studying Architecture and in the studios and gallery.

Reflecting about new weak signals in your future scenario
For this exercise, Laura Cléries helped us out. During class, she reminded us the difference between megatrends, macrotrends, weak signals and wildcards. How each of them has an scenario and a timeline (rise - fade - evolve and iterate - new). And finally how our projects could fit in the market and the opportunities they could target.

Emerging Narratives
This time, Kate Armstrong helped us out. It is necessary to envision a path for our projects to have a base in the future. So with her help we identified our vision, mission and audience engagement.

You can find more about the project and thesis in the Master's project page.